Hyperthermic Ozone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology (HOCATT™) is a single unit developed for a single purpose – STRATEGIC WELLNESS AND VITALITY. The HOCATT™ uses a combination of powerful modalities to detox the body, improve circulation, boost energy, and strengthen the immune system.

The immune system is nature’s most perfect healing network when it’s working properly. Unfortunately, the immune system is not invincible… it can be weakened by things that overload it, like heavy metals and toxins, and a less than healthy lifestyle. When your immune system is worn down, it’s hard for your body to fight diseases and keep illness at bay. With a strong immune system, you’ll look and feel your best, and have more energy, focus, and drive.

HOCATT™ uses a number of different modalities to detox your body, improve blood and lymph circulation, enhance organ function, increase hormone and enzyme production, and reduce stress and anxiety which all leads to a healthy immune system.

HOCATT™ Modalities include:

  • Transdermal Ozone
  • CO2 / Carbonic Acid
  • Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH) (Including Far Infrared Steam Sauna)
  • High-Intensity Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF)
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrents
  • Exercise with Oxygen Breathing
  • Essential Oil Infusions
  • Photon Light & Colors
  • Ultraviolet Irradiation

With all of these modalities in one place, your immune system gets everything it needs – in just 30 minutes!