TorcBody Contouring

TorcBody Contouring is the only wellness-oriented, technology-driven system that uses 100% of the body’s own energy system to strengthen core muscle groups, increase inch-loss and tone targeted areas.

The TorcBody patented technology uses EMS (electric muscle stimulation) and microcurrent to deeply penetrate into the muscular structure of the body, bringing definition and core muscle strength to targeted areas, in a much more safe and effective manner than a traditional workout.

When used on thighs, love handles, abs, arms or buttocks, TorcBody can benefit in many ways:

Body Contouring
TorcBody’s proprietary waveforms stimulate, tone and firm targeted muscle areas.

Lymphatic Drainage
TorcBody’s increased blood circulation and powerful muscle movement brings lymphatic drainage and detoxification, thereby accelerating muscle recovery.

Stress Reduction & Hormonal Balance
TorcBody’s is the only patented technology that scientifically reduces chronic stress while balancing hormone levels for long lasting results.

Skin Rejuvenation
TorcBody improves and accelerates cellular repair by increasing ATP and collagen levels and reducing scar tissue.

Transform your body! Rejuvenate your skin firmness, tone deep muscles and contour your body shape with no soreness or down time using the non-invasive, FDA-cleared TorcBody system.

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