Top Ten Benefits of Acupuncture – #3

By Garrett Riedemann

As we all know headaches can be completely debilitating or just a slight annoyance to your day. They come in every shape and form from hurting just behind the eyes, to extending pain through the top of your head, to my favorite a band of pain that makes my head feel like it is in a vise. With so many different types of headaches the Western Medical approach of take two aspirin and call me in the morning seems woefully inadequate. To be fair there are a lot of different pain medications that can be used other than just aspirin but most of them have the same goal to alleviate the pain. As anyone that sufferers from regular heads can tell you often pain meds alone do not completely address the headache or the regularity of the headaches.

The Chinese Medical approach on the other hand recognizes that pain of a headache is the manifestation of numerous different patterns and as such each pattern needs to be addressed uniquely. Each patient presents with a pattern of disharmony and through the differential Chinese medical analysis process, a Chinese medical practitioner is able to treat each person’s headache individually. By looking at the characteristics of each headache we are able to not only help alleviate the pain but also the root causes of the headache and this can reduce the frequency of a patient’s headaches. Treating patients in this holistic manor also addresses imbalances that could also manifest issues at a later date. The Chinese medical approach is to treat the patient not the condition and in doing so recognizes the uniqueness of us all.

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