Additional Services


Discover the pinnacle of expertise at Shanti Rejuvenation, where we proudly offer our ear piercing service backed by nearly three decades of unrivaled experience. Our seasoned professionals ensure a safe, precise, and comfortable experience, utilizing the latest techniques and highest quality materials. Whether you’re seeking a classic piercing or a trendy adornment, trust Shanti Rejuvenation to deliver exceptional results with care and finesse. Experience the difference of decades of mastery with us.


Step into a realm of holistic wellness at Shanti Rejuvenation, where we offer our ear candling service conducted by seasoned professionals dedicated to your safety and well-being. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to using only the highest quality materials, our skilled practitioners ensure a safe and soothing experience. Relax as we gently remove impurities and promote balance, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Trust Shanti Rejuvenation for professional care and a focus on your overall health and comfort.


Experience the golden glow of sun-kissed skin at Shanti Rejuvenation with our premium spray tanning service. Achieve a flawless tan tailored to your preferences, administered by our skilled professionals dedicated to your satisfaction. Prior to your appointment, simply give us a call to schedule your session and receive personalized preparation instructions. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring optimal results and a radiant, natural-looking tan. Trust Shanti Rejuvenation for an effortless tanning experience that leaves you feeling confident and luminous.


Illuminate your smile with the brilliance of Shanti Rejuvenation’s RevitaBrite Teeth Whitening service. Our expert professionals specialize in enhancing your pearly whites, restoring their natural radiance and beauty. To schedule your session and receive personalized care instructions, simply reach out to us via phone or email. Prior to your appointment, we’ll guide you through the preparation process, ensuring maximum effectiveness and comfort during your treatment. Trust Shanti Rejuvenation to brighten your smile and boost your confidence with our premium teeth whitening service.

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We are located at 914 Wilson Avenue, Webster City, IA 50595.


*Please let us know a preferred day and time for your appointment request. Do note that appointment requests do not guarantee that this time is available. We will follow up to confirm your appoinment.

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